Thousands of people have signed the CLT 2019 Unity Letter to reject racism, bigotry and hate in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and to voice their support of our diverse community. 

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The CLT 2019 Unity Letter

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

—Desmond Tutu

The recent racist and hate-filled communications to and about elected and appointed leaders of color in Charlotte-Mecklenburg are driven by attitudes and beliefs that must be rejected and resisted in the strongest of terms by people of goodwill throughout our community.

They pose a threat not just to the individuals to whom they were sent, but also to the overall fiber of who we are as a community. Their racial hostility, ignorance and insecurity is reflective of a time to which we must refuse to return. This refusal must be both individual and collective.

Therefore, as individuals and institutions who love Charlotte and who believe that our strength resides not simply in the diversity of our citizenry, but also in the diversity of our leadership, we the undersigned:

Reject any and all racist and hate-filled language and acts that seek to instill fear, perpetuate division, instigate hatred, and inflict harm.

Renew our commitment to the ongoing work of building and being a community of justice, equity, fairness, and opportunity for all.

Respect our racial and ethnic diversity and value as sources of community pride and progress.

Embrace with pride the increasingly diverse leadership of our community.

We call upon all people of goodwill to join us in doing the same.

To join us, sign up below and then share with your neighbors, colleagues, family, friends and others.


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  • Marc Jarmosevich
    signed 2019-08-29 12:55:18 -0400
  • Liz Chandler
    signed 2019-08-29 12:46:04 -0400
    Liz Chandler
  • Bill and Donna McNairy
    signed 2019-08-29 12:45:09 -0400
  • Mike Mascia
    signed 2019-08-29 12:41:36 -0400
    Appreciate you guys organizing this response.
  • Jane Sanders
    signed 2019-08-29 12:40:01 -0400
    Jane Sanders
  • Dean Cikins
    @dfcikins tweeted link to this page. 2019-08-29 12:34:13 -0400
  • Theresa Foust
    signed 2019-08-29 12:34:04 -0400
    Theresa Foust
  • Dean Cikins
    signed 2019-08-29 12:33:44 -0400
  • Morgan Hinton
    signed 2019-08-29 12:32:47 -0400
  • Chan and Virginia Martin
    signed 2019-08-29 12:32:22 -0400
  • Philip Poley
    signed 2019-08-29 12:30:14 -0400
    Today we are contending with hate directed at people of color, tomorrow it will be someone else. All people of good will must stand together in opposition to these outmoded beliefs and serve as a living demonstration of the power of diversity and inclusion.
  • Jania Massey
    signed 2019-08-29 12:02:28 -0400
  • Shelly Betz
    signed 2019-08-29 11:11:46 -0400
  • Cristine Hynes
    signed 2019-08-29 09:49:58 -0400
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